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Great product

We bought it for one of our holidays as we didn’t know how to warm up our baby girl’s milk and it works amazingly! We ended up even using it at home sometimes, it’s compact and efficient and it does its job perfectly! 100% recommended!

very satisfied with the product🥰

A must have!

No more cold milk for my little one. Thanks to this portable baby bottle warmer. I could heat up a bottle up to 4-5x. Very handy. :)

Great value

I really like the range of design options to make mealtimes a little more fun (and bearable as a parent). This bib is lightweight and dries extremely quickly which is a huge plus. It is still a little big for my 6 month old so there is a small amount of leakage at the neck if they fidget too much but it's great value for money because it will last a while!


A lovely soft muslin to use with a baby/toddler. Beautiful colours . Considering buying another one it is so good.

Game changer

If you have a fussy little one who only likes warm milk then you must have one of these!! We would have to take our bottle maker everywhere which was horrendous but no more. This is simply amazing, thank you Inoby!!

Fantastic warmer

This warmer is fab, so handy & portable! Makes night time warming so much easier, quicker & quieter! No boiling the kettle. Also fab when out & about. Would recommend to anyone!

Love this bottle warmer!

This bottle warmer is great, it isn’t the quickest so best to be prepared if you can be- I can get about 2 bottles (6oz) warmed on one battery and it can also stay on to keep warm so if your little one is still asleep it will stay warm. I also carry around a power bank and lead as it can be charged and used which is really useful.
It is nice and compact and even fits in the buggy cup holder!

Love the set

Got this weaning set as gift. Parents loved it

Excellent device

Very convenient. We love it.

Best purchase

Very easy to use and useful 👍🏻

Game changer for pumping

I actually use this on my pumps so that I can pump directly into my Tommee Tippee bottles. It’s been a game changer for me!

Life saver!

After lugging around a tub and flask of hot water constantly, I was ready for something easier to heat up babies bottles with, but was worried I wouldn't find something to fit our odd bottles (nanobebe)
I then found Inoby, I had looked at other bottles warmers but needed one that was battery powered for days out, and the biggest bonus it was compatible with our bottles. After a few teething issues, all of which were my user error, and great help and advice from customer service who are so quick to help we now use the inoby everyday, and get two full warms out of 1 charge so can be out for a full day with warm bottles. Thank you, you have saved my sanity! This is the best thing I have bought for convenience

INOBY Portable Bottle Warmer
Natalia Wodzinska

great product. now I do not have to take a thermos with hot water and another with cold. a few minutes and the water is ready to make milk. great for the plane.

5 star bottle warmer

I have tried various warmers for bottles and the Inoby bottle warmer exceeds them all! It heats to the exact temperature for consistency for each feed. It’s so handy to take on a day out and use overnight for quick warming. I’d recommend to any parents.

Best quality

I love the product, the quality is number one. This is the best purchase I have ever made and would highly recommend Inoby to anyone who is looking for a best quality feeding set.

Excellent simple but effective

Easy to clean, easy to use, easy to play with. Suction bowl is genius, bib catches what you need it too and spoon & fork light weight for my little one!


We love our complete weaning set!
The quality and colour of these are amazing!
Can’t wait to purchase more items along our weaning journey!

Handy little product

Highly recommend this portable bottle warmer!

It does exactly as it describes I love it. It has made my night/ day easier as with in minutes it warms up milk/ water. And very easy to carry around as it’s a great size.

I first saw a friend use this and recommended it to me I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and smoothly it worked. A must have.

Great customer service, happy customer. :)

Must have for day outs

Amazing if you are planning to take your little one out, it's very portable and Quick to do its job

Just love it!

Her face says it all! Having a baby with additional health needs resulting in very fussy unpredictable feeding means I need her prescription formula warm or she won’t take it. This portable warmer means we are always ready to go and it keeps her milk at temp for ages if she’s not quite ready for it yet. It’s cute, teeny tiny, and warms up the milk really quickly with lots of temperature options. Super easy to use, charge lasts ages and takes up next to no room in the changing bag. Super investment for us!

Makes life easier!

I've recently started to introduce my son to formula. At first, he was not impressed and wouldn't take to it at all. I've realised now that he will only take formula when it's nice and warm!
This bottle warmer is perfect for us! It's a weight off our shoulders, as when we're out and about, we don't have to worry about finding somewhere to supply hot water!
The milk is always heated to the perfect temperature and depending on how much milk there is and its original temperature, it doesn't take too long to heat up! I have to be prepared though - if the milk is cold, I always start warming sooner!
Also, I've been charging the battery after evey use to make sure that it doesn't run out.
Everywhere I've been people have commented on how great it is. We're really impressed with it and it has been so helpful for getting my son onto formula! Thank you!

Genius product!

This product is an absolute must for parents! This is very quick and easy to use and most importantly it heats up your water for your baby whenever you are on the go! (See my picture)
I like that it gives you the option of 3 temperatures to suit what your baby most enjoys! It’s very small and takes up no room in your baby bag! This heats up the water very fast in my opinion, you just need to be mindful and give it time to be charged fully before you go out as this can take a while.
I originally bought the inoby with the Tommie tipee attachment however I then required the MAM one due to my baby having colic, I got in touch with the company who emailed myself back almost immediately and sent me the 2nd adaptor for free in the post the very next day! Absolute amazing customer service and a fantastic product to go with it! I would recommend this to all parents !


Absolute life saver. Would highly recommend. So portable, keeps charge, easy to use. Whether you're using expressed milk or formula this is a game changer and must have essential!

This has saved me so much time & formula

So glad I purchased this. Especially when my new born only takes 30ml means I can keep the bitter warm until his hungry again. Every new mum should have one of these.