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There’s nothing else to say other than BUY IT! Worth every penny, in fact, I’d pay twice the amount! Absolutely genius piece of equipment, I have had so many compliments on it every time I use it!

I tried the Tommy Tippee version but you can’t sterilise it properly and I found it leaked. This one is really worth the money. Ideal for night feeds and while out and about. Can’t speak high enough of it

Very good

Great product, saves me from asking for hot water and wondering if the milk is warm enough or too hot or too cold. Good battery life and easy to use. Defo recommend. Does take a few mins or so to warm up the milk so best to plan accordingly before your baby screams the house down

Makes the nightmare of my baby only taking warm bottles super easy on the go. Can't recommend it enough!!

Bottle warmer

Absolutely love the bottle warmer, it's very easy to use and I can now prepare a bottle for my little girl whenever I want :)

Daughter love it

Great invention but takes too long

This is amazing if you have time to warm up the bottle
Before your baby is hungry as it takes around 8 minutes to warm up

Hi Rebekah, many thanks for your feedback. Our portable warmer does take a bit longer than traditional warmer as it is battery powered, so we have to sacrifice a bit of speed for portability. The warmer can remain at the desired temperature once it's heated up so that could be a way to heat up the milk before the baby needs it and the milk will be ready whenever the baby is ready.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product and we hope to increase the heating speed in the next revision.



Awesome product. We had issues with another manufacturer which turned out to be disconnected batteries. However, the Inoby arrived in good time, has more temperature settings and even keeps the milk warm once up to the set temperature. Highly recommended.

Very good

Just right for what I ordered

INOBY Portable Bottle Warmer
Kimberley Womersley
Brilliant product

Brilliant product, works amazing. No more cold bottles for my baby :) excellent customer services also fixing a query I had with regards to the delivery service. Thank-you so much x

So practical...

It is so practical, we don't just use it when we're out, but when we're home, too. That said, we're on to our third, as they can be a little temperamental if you forget to replace the seal(s) after washing or get the main component a little wet - parents in a rush to feed their kids make mistakes and can be clumsy, but maybe some better water tightness would be a elcome improvement


Absolute life saver helps at desperate times

Amazing Inoby

This is such a fantastic product. My older children took their milk any temp at all but my newbie has decided it must be exactly right! Stopping to faff around with standing bottles in boiling water was actually starting to give me anxiety about going out especially since we aren’t in a routine yet. But the Inoby has been fantastic as I can get a bottle warming whilst I’m still on the go, I’m not worried about potential accidents with boiling water and it’s just made giving my newbie a bottle whilst out and about so much easier :)
My only suggestion would be that Inoby bring out a travel UV steriliser that would fit the heating plate so it can be sterilised on the go between bottles.
Even so it’s still worth the 5 stars ⭐️

So good we bought 2!

Takes stress out of heating milk anywhere with out the need of getting water every where. Perfect for travelling but we use it every day.

INOBY Portable Bottle Warmer

Having twins means constantly being prepared to feed them at any moment. As I formula fed, I would prepare bottles in advance and refrigerate a couple which would then need warming. I hunted for weeks for bottle warmers and nothing was coming well reviewed. However, luckily I saw a social media advert for Inoby and such good reviews that I decided to go ahead and buy 2. They did not disappoint at all and made feed my babies such a breeze. I also have to mention the customer service which was excellent. There was an initial problem with one of the warmers but it was rectified so quickly and a replacement was sent within a couple of days. I cannot fault the company and would HIGHLY recommend these warmers over the more ‘well known’ competitors. You will not regret it :)

I've already told everyone about this!!

What a time saving product

I ordered one and so happy with it 💯 recommended for all and fits all bottles . Handy usbc charging for me as a samsung user and come with travel bag aswell and easy to keep clean on the go battery last really long aswell and if you sign up now your also get 10% off ..

Brilliant Product

So easy to use, best gadget we have brought by far! Doesn't take too long to warm through, long lasting battery life, small and portable. Just so convenient, definitely recommend.


Bought this for my sister in laws baby and they love it! Looks cute too! Thank you, very happy customer!

Amazing service and beautiful products.


So gooooooooood

Thank you INOBY!

Absolutely adore this bottle warmer, used it for all (almost 4!) of my kids! Whenever we're out we always get stopped and questioned about it. When we found out we were having twins we just knew we'd need to order another one. 10/10 recommended to everyone!👏🏾

Really fast and easy to use

Inoby bottle warmer

Love that I can take this any where with me and it’s quick and easy to use 👍🏼

Can already tell this is going to make my life so much easier as a first time mum