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This very convenient to use. Great product.

Absolute game changer

Amazing and so easy to use. Would recommend

Amazing product

Worth every penny made feeding on the go so easy highly recommend

The twins love their new sets :-)

It’s a great quality and super easy to clean.

Amazing bottle warmer

This is a compact and easy to use portable bottle warmer. We have been using ours which heats up the milk nicely, no mess or fuss. Highly recommend. We are ordering another too as a back up because of how great it is!

Excellent product



Keep up the excellent work!

What can I say.. professionalism, excellent customer service, innovation with the parent in mind and modern design!

I needed a portable bottle warmer urgently and the people behind Inoby kindly reassured me they would ship their last product right away. Indeed, I received the warmer within just 2 days! Communication was quick and easy with the chat function. I even got the NUK adaptor for free, upon request, which I made after I had placed my order! This is professionalism and focus on building long-lasting customer relationships!

The product is stylish and small, perfect to take anywhere! It heats up the milk (either formula or breastmilk) pretty quickly too. It attaches well to my MAM bottle and (so far) it doesn't leak. The heating plate can be removed to be washed in cold Milton - how perfect is that?!
I am so excited with the product, and so happy with the experience, I will be ordering again from Inoby!
We need more businesses like this 😊!

Some feedback: charging time could be shorter, something to work on to make an even more awesome product 😉

Happy customer

I can't rave about this enough. I am a nicu mum , baby is now home and all is well , but my boy suffers with reflux and he much prefers a warm bottle , I am an exclusive breast pumping mum as my boy was unable to latch as he was very premature and so was put on to a bottle. He much prefers warm bottles and on the go this was proving so challenging and hot water but not boiling water wasn't doing the job , I never knew if it was warm enough etc , and now I don't have to think about it it'd just click the button , I was definitely not heating bottles warm enough when using water and we actually saw an improvement in his reflux once we were getting to 37c for bottles now. I really love it, i can easily milton wipe it on the go and a charge lasts about 6 bottles which is more than enough. I was skeptical to spend this sort of money, but I'm glad I did . It heats up breastmilk from the fridge to 37c in about 7 mins , I do a bum change with every bottle so by the time I've done that and popped a dummy in for a minute or 2 it's good to go , which is probably faster than me wrist testing a bottle after a hot water soak 500 times! Also leaving baby with others one day I don't have to worry if they are heating the bottle correctly when it's just click this button and then feed , my mum who will eventually get him to baby sit I'm sure also said how amazing as she wouldn't want to heat breastmilk not knowing what's too hot or not hot enough . I think as he is so premature people are more apprehensive so this puts everyone at ease they are doing it right and not destroying nutrients etc , 100% worth it . And great company with fair pricing I'd say, product looks and feels good quality and comes with a lovely bag to take on the go with you.

Great product

Makes feeding much easier, quick delivery and great customer service


Very good. Easy to carry around

Top Notch

Works a treat, warms up the milk nicely within 5-8minutes, never had issues. Battery lasts well and the carry case is a nice touch.

Amazing product and customer service

I absolutely love the portable bottle warmer, a real life saver on the go! We go on many hikes with the kids and thus guarantees a warm bottle at the right temperature, couldn’t be without it anymore!

Also my husband melted the lid by accident ( he sterilized it with the milk bottles) - he wrote customer service and within 2 days we received a replacement cap free of charge! I never experienced such a level of customer care!!! Thank you sooo much!

I highly recommended this bottle warmer and company to anyone who bottle feeds their children!


My kids love it. Especially the plates and the bowls as they’re easy to hold and manage


I absolutely love this - it’s been a game changer from my wee girl moved onto normal cows milk - I hated using the microwave to warm her milk but this is so handy and quick!! Wouldn’t be without it now!


Absolute life saver during the night and when out and about. Does exactly what it says on the “tin” highly recommended

Excellent if you’re on the go a lot!

So glad I made this purchase! It makes going out with my newborn extra easy knowing I can heat a bottle wherever I need it. Excellent idea and fantastic product!

Like how it heats up
Dislike how it takes forever when baby is crying/hungry.

INOBY Portable Bottle Warmer
Miss Nicola Mccann

After having to put my daughter on bottles due to unforeseen circumstances my partner struggled to heat breast milk to the correct temperature. I bought this for ease and to know this breast milk was being heated correctly. Absolutely fantastic and so easy to use. Also the added bonus of being portable means my whole family can use it as well with no hassle.

5 Stars

Firstly I was disappointed that my parcel hadn’t arrived and I contacted the team for help. I was informed that my parcel had been lost and that they would send me out another that day. I was impressed with the immediate response and received the parcel literally within 48 hours. Thanks to Sam and the rest of the team


The set is absolutely perfect for the start of our weaning journey. Great quality and nice colours to choose from. The design is adorable, we love it all. I haven't been able to test the suction yet so I can't comment on that. The spoons are choke proof but it does mean that not a lot of food enters my baby's mouth in one go. But it's great for them to hold and practice with. Also I should mention, I've come to realise my high chair is quite petite so the plate and crumb catcher mat don't quite fit on the tray, which is something I didn't think to consider before ordering.


There’s nothing else to say other than BUY IT! Worth every penny, in fact, I’d pay twice the amount! Absolutely genius piece of equipment, I have had so many compliments on it every time I use it!

I tried the Tommy Tippee version but you can’t sterilise it properly and I found it leaked. This one is really worth the money. Ideal for night feeds and while out and about. Can’t speak high enough of it

Very good

Great product, saves me from asking for hot water and wondering if the milk is warm enough or too hot or too cold. Good battery life and easy to use. Defo recommend. Does take a few mins or so to warm up the milk so best to plan accordingly before your baby screams the house down