About Us

Welcome to INOBY!

We are Sam and Joh, based in Berkshire, we welcomed our first daughter Phoebe to the world last year. As first time parents, there were many things we worried about, how do we heat up a bottle of milk? how are we going to feed her? Is she too cold or hot? Where is she going to sleep? Why is she crying?!

We are always keen on exploring innovative and practical ideas to baby's needs. In our journey as new parents, we've had ideas, needs and products that are not necessarily available, practical or affordable in the market.

This is when and why INOBY is here.

We want to set up a place where parents can find innovative and practical products and solutions to make parenting a little easier. We want to help parents to save time and stress so that they can spend the maximum amount of stress free time to play, laugh, cry, learn, experience and make memories with the family.  We all know time is one of the most important things you can give to your children.

Not only do we want to offer innovative and practical products, we also want to set up a space where parents can share their ideas and tips, and have included a blog page where other parents might find useful.

We don't have many products but we promise the products we offer are of high quality and they are products we personally use.

Parenting and raising a child indeed is a journey. It can be difficult at times, we know, we've been through it (and still going through it!) and together, we can achieve the little wins along the way.

We are here to help you to become a pro parent.