Please refer to the instruction manual for the full compatibility list (some brands are not common in the UK). The following common UK and Europe brands will work with the our warmer:
No adapter required: AVENT
Adapter* required: MAM, Tommee Tippee, Medela, Comotomo, Spectra, Lansinho, Dr Brown's Narrow, NUK First Choice
For Nanobebe bottles, please use the adapter included in the starter set.
*One free adapter is included in each purchase of a warmer.
Normally, it takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes. For example, a bottle with 120ml with starting temperature of 20C and heated in a 20C environment will take around 10 minutes to heat up to 37C. Note that the surrounding temperature also affects heating time; we recommend heating inside a baby bag if external temerature is below 20C.
No sorry, INOBY warmer is for liquid. Please don’t use it to warm up food.
No, please don’t use any thickeners when warming up any liquid with the warmer. Please warm up the liquid first with the warmer and then add any thickeners separately
The INOBY warmer works with most pre-made formula. Please email us at and we can confirm if your baby's formula works with our warmer.

As a quick reference, it does not work with SMA Anti-Reflux, Premixed Alimentum, Premixed Enfamil A.R. Premixed Similac pro sensitive, premixed Enfimil Gentlease and some other thick based formulas, does not work with soy or almond milk.
Yes, our warmer is great for breast milk! The warmer heats up the milk evenly and it eliminates the risks of hotspots. But please, be careful and always double check the milk before feeding it to your baby.
The warmer can keep the liquid at the desired temperature constantly for 2-3 hours. The more liquid in the bottle, the faster the battery will drain - it takes more power to keep the liquid warm. For reference, the warmer can keep 120ml of liquid warm for approximately 3 hours vs 2 hours for 240ml.
Please note that this is a guidance for the battery life of the warmer and not how long milk can be warmed up safely. For milk handling and storage guidance, please refer to the NHS website.
Before washing, make sure the warmer is completely turned off. Remove the silicone parts and wash with soap and warm water. Then, briefly wash stainless-steel parts with soap and warm running water. You can also use unscented, alcohol free wipes (similar to those used for breast pump) to clean the stainless-steel parts.
Yes, you can use the warmer to keep the water warm overnight by plugging it with a 3A power adapter. However, we don’t recommend warming breast milk overnight as the milk might get spoiled if it’s heated for a long period of time.
Yes, when you turn on the warmer while it’s plugged in, it will switch from charging mode to heating mode.
Yes, it's perfectly safe to bring it on plane. The warmer's battery size is only 5000 mAh, which is smaller than most of the power banks allowed on plane. Just make sure to bring it with you on hand carry luggage and don't check it in.
Yes, please keep the silicone ring inside the warmer as the ring prevents leaking and it keeps the bottle in place. But you can remove it for washing, just make sure to dry it before putting it back before using the warmer.
Yes, we provide each warmer with a 1 year factory warranty. Please contact us at for steps required to return a faulty warmer.
Please contact us at or send us a message on social media for any other queries you have, we are always happy to help.